BLISS OF “BEING” on hold until further notice


Bliss of Being Meditations are currently on hold until further notice. 

For those who might be interested I am travelling around the world on a journey inward – meditating and blogging about my adventures.

Stay tuned for more Bliss of Being upon my return …

Much love,


Bliss of Being – Community Meditations by donation has been running since the foundation event, one month of FREE meditations with a variety of teachings, February, 2016 all created from a Neighbourhood Community Grant through the Quadra Village Community Centre.

Since then we have had many of the teachers return to share more of their teachings through Bliss of Being.  June Fukushima, always a pleasure to have her bring her calm, peaceful energy and share with us a calming of our own souls.  Loving kindness meditations to ground, centre be in gratitude!  Roslind Taylor brings her beautiful Yoga Nidra practice and great wisdom.  Rosalind is so willing of share all of her knowledge, the value of this practice and her warm inviting presence.  A beautiful journey throughout the body, bringing a profound experience connecting the mind and body. Just to name a few.

Meditation can change your life – come out and experience the benefits of meditation on the mind, the body and the spirit as well as becoming part of a Community of meditators.  Through inner exploration, meditation awakens creativity, provides healing and transformation and connects you with your essence.  We spend our lifetime looking outward to the world believing that our source of happiness lies external to ourselves; meditation is a technique that brings us into contact with ourselves, the only place that true happiness resides. We do hope you will join us!

Community meditations are brought to you from the heart of the organizers and the team of teachers to you.  We offer to you Community, comfort, sharing, giving, guiding, offering and consider these gifts to be priceless, and in keeping with the spirit of generosity or dana, these meditations are freely offered.   Donations are welcomed.


 Please email Jodi  for more information.


2 thoughts on “BLISS OF “BEING” on hold until further notice”

  1. Hi : Recently noticed your advertisement in the Citizens Counselling office and am interested in your next bliss of being meditation. I am also interested in the location and times… Are you still having these meditation bliss of being meet ups. Looking forward to your reply.



    1. Hi Krystalle, yes I just posted the October schedule, November will be up soon. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting you.



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